Milford Youth Center

A Program of the Town of Milford and the United Way of Tri-County

Teachers Driving Academy 2017 – 2018 Classes is Now Available!

We are accepting registrations for Teacher’s Driving Academy for the 2017-2018 school year! The Milford Youth Center is pleased to partner with Teachers Driving Academy to offer students a great program, at a reasonable price, with added convenience of taking classes right at school! For more information, click here. Every registration fee is made out to “The Town of Milford- Milford Youth Center” as a donation from the TDA. Please mail form to the Youth Center address at 24 Pearl St.  We are very grateful for this collaboration and support!

MYC Thanks Community for Donations- August 2017

The Youth Center would like to extend a very appreciative thank you to the following people who donated items and/or their time this month to the Center:
  • United Way of Tri-County: We would like to thank the United Way of Tr-County for donating 35 backpacks to some of our MYC After School members for this school year! The United Way of Tri-County runs this annual back-to-school backpack program to help children and youth succeed and learn. The program is a combined effort between area businesses and employees to provide backpacks and school supplies for the school year!
  • Thomas family for the donation of this beautiful pool table to replace ours that was falling apart! Also, thank you to Grandma’s Attic Moving company for picking up the new pool table and moving it into the Youth Center
  • Jessica Dunn Komenda for donating 4 Madagascar tickets for a musical at Stadium Theater to the Youth Center! to give to a family
  • 7-Eleven for donating two large cases of water, bananas and candy
  • Milford Softball for donating water, Gatorade, snacks and t-shirts
  • Summer Camp families for donating snacks and treats all summer for our campers and staff
  • Tom Keenan for donating sports balls
The Youth Center relies on donations to hep sustain our programs! Please contact the Center if you would like to donate!

Welcome Back: Our SCI AmeriCorps Member!

We are very excited to congratulate and welcome back Victoria Williams for being selected for the second year as our Social Capital Inc. AmeriCorps member! Victoria will be serving at the Center for the next 10 months, as a Youth Leadership coordinator, completing over 1700 hours of service! Victoria is an after school and Youth Council alumni, along with the 2015 United Way of Tri-County “Youth Volunteer of the Year” award winner! We are so excited and proud of Victoria for this amazing opportunity! Victoria will be running the MYC Youth Council, under the leadership of the  Social Capital Inc. and Milford Youth Center! If you are interested in learning more about the MYC Youth Council, please contact Victoria here. The first MYC Youth Council meeting will be held this Wednesday, September 13, 2017 from 4-5 PM at the MYC!

You Can Still Help us Reach Our Goal for the Movie Room!

The Milford Youth Center is reaching out to YOU to help raise funds to build a music and multimedia music room! There is still time to donate!! We are requesting your support to help the Center reach our goal of raising $10,000! At our Telethon on August 19, 2017 we raised over $7,000! There are many ways to still donate and we would like to thank those who already have! Any donation is appreciated and would go a long way to help this room come to fruition!
How to donate:
  2. MAIL: You can mail us a donation to 24 Pearl St! Please make your check out to “Town of Milford- MYC”
  3.  E-MAIL: We understand that it is a busy time of year! If you are unable to make a donation now, email us at and we will connect with you when there is a more convenient time!

For the “live” donation thermometer, with the list of all those who have donated so far, click here.

Thank you to Milford TV!

In an effort to help the Center, after State funding was cut, Milford TV offered to join forces and put on a telethon to draw attention to the Youth Center’s endeavors to finish our multimedia and music rooms, areas that were not a part of the scope of the recent renovation. We would like to thank all the amazing staff, volunteers and interns of Milford TV who helped promote, film, edit, etc. to help make our Telethon such a success! We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Liz and Rob from Milford TV, who met with all summer to plan and coordinate this event for us!
Check out some awesome interview videos that Milford TV produced to help give more information about the Youth Center and the Telethon:


The Milford Youth Center would like to thank EVERYONE that was involved in our Telethon on August 19, 2017, where we were able to raise $7,000, of our $10,000 goal!

The Telethon was such a fun and successful event! We are so grateful for all the volunteers, acts and performers who came out on a Saturday to support our cause: Kaitlyn Mobilia, the High Altitude Jump Rope Team, Mark Mancuso & his teacher, Jake Martin, CrossFit Never Doubt, Mark Dittelman and the Penguin Apocalypse, Jerry Caruso, Paul Seaver and HOOP Crew, Earl “the Pearl” Wilson, Dan Duest, “Unwanted”, Dave Crespo, “Zero drift”, the MHS football team, Mick Lawless, the Mendon County Band, the Knopp Brothers, the Stacy Sax Quartet, the MHS String Trio, the Blackstone Valley Quartet, and “Justin and Ray”. A huge thank you to Milford TV and Ray Auger for hosting the event for us! Also, thank you to all the individuals and companies who have donated so far: Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation who donated $1,500, Seven Eleven who donated $2,000, Chick DeGeorge who donated $1,500, Signs Plus who donated the telethon banner, United Way of Tri-County who let us use their Mobile Cause for our donations, the Muffin House, Milford TV, and Olivas for donating food for everyone, Milford Bike for donating an awesome bike, Tim Rice for his artwork, Scott Magill for donating a guitar lesson, Dawn Bailey of “That Smarts by Dawn” for painting a beautiful guitar for our room, our Board members and staff (Sandy, Susan, Brenda and Joanna) who were stationed at the Youth Center to answer all phone call pledges, the Batista family as they donated a piano, and the Milford highway department who also donated their time to help move the piano.

Volunteer at the Milford Youth Center!

We are always lookiing for volunteers to help with our programs and/or Youth Center projects! Volunteers are always welcome to assist with the after school program! We are always looking for help during the after school hours, 2-6 PM. You may also run a program/activity during the after school program. We also need volunteers for our monthly evening events.
Please contact our Program Coordinator, Christine Daddario here if you would like to volunteer and complete this volunteer form.

Wally from the Red Sox Visits the Youth Center During “Day of Caring”

We would like to thank the United Way of Tri-County for organizing a “Day of Caring” with a Sunovion Group of volunteers on August 17th at the Youth Center! All the Sunovion Pharmaceuticals employees were amazing and helped with our camp scavenger hunt, painted the shed (that they helped build the previous summer), helped with our water slide and obstacle jumpies and brought WALLY from the Red Sox to take pictures with the campers! Thank you Barbara LaGrenade of the United Way of Tri-County for putting this event together for the Center! For view more pictures of each event, click on blue links. Watch Wally the Big Green Monster at the Center in this video by Milford TV!

Finally, we would like to thank the employees of Benjamin Moore & Co., who came back to join us to meet Wally, after spending a few weeks last winter to help transform our basement by adding a replica of the Green Monster and painting the ceiling and floors!

MYC Summer Camp Recap and Thank you!

Summer Camp was a big success this year with over 90 families participating! The last few weeks of camp were very eventful. We went kayaking and paddle boarding at Hopkinton State Park, did a scavenger hunt around Milford and had a special visit from Wally the Green Monster, went bowling at Pinz and enjoyed the last day of camp at Onset Beach! We would like to thank all the families  that participated in Summer Camp this year and also a huge thank you to the Milford Summer Food Service Program for providing the campers with free lunches every day they attended camp! For more pictures throughout the summer, please visit our Facebook page.

MYC After School Program – September 2017

A new school year is upon us! Here is our September calendar as well as descriptions for all of the programming:
Open Gym– Open gym is a non-structured program where youth are allowed free play and choice of activities in the gym as well as the rest of the youth center (lounge and game room).
Homework Help– Youth can, upon request receive help from staff in the game room area for homework they are having trouble with. All game systems will be turned off for the first hour of the after school program in order to provide a more focused environment for getting work done. If youth would prefer not to have help with their homework, they are provided space to do it on their own.
  • Bootcamp– Bootcamp is run by our Assistant Director, Katie Covell. Katie is a licensed USAW sports performance coach. This is a group class, and either takes place indoors or outside. It will combine cardio, free weights, and interval training as decide by the instructor.
  • Fishing– Also led by our Assistant Director Katie, who is a Cape Cod native and has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to anything that lives in the water, fishing will take place at the Milford pond. This will be a fun class of getting to know how to use a fishing pole and bait a hook. It will be a catch and release class.
  • Career and College Advising– This class is led by our Program Coordinator, Christine Daddario. For youth ages 14 and up who would like to start working or need help applying to colleges. The majority of work focuses on resume building, job searching, college applications and how to fill out a FAFSA.
  • Crafts– Crafts is also led by Christine Daddario. The class is all about fun and creativity, and a lot of experimenting from Pinterest. We use a lot of up-cycled materials so youth learn about re-using and the benefits is has to the environment.
  • MYC Youth Council– The Youth Council is run by our AmeriCorps member, Victoria Williams. The council meets weekly to work on community service projects, discuss major issues affecting youth, and also to create a culture where members work on being a role model in the center as well as in the community at large
  • Nutrition– Led by Christine Daddario, who has a BS in Nutrition. The class will focus on making easy and fun recipes as well as tasting new foods. Youth will also be shown the importance of healthy eating through modeling and will be encouraged to make behavior changes through discussion and staff guidance.
  • Nature Hike– Nature hikes will take place on the beautiful Charles River Trail and will be led by Katie Covell. Youth will have a chance to observe their natural environment while getting in some hardy exercise.
  • Science Club- Led by Victoria Williams, the science club will be a place where youth can go to learn, talk, and experiment with all things science. From discussions to watching experiments, as well as making their own, the science club is a fun and exciting spot for any youth interested in science.
  • CrossFit– CrossFit will be run by Marc Pitts from CrossFit Never Doubt in Milford. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. Marc tailors all his classes to fit the needs of our youth here at the center.
The Milford Youth Center’s after school program is open for youth ages 8-18, free of charge for Milford residents and students, from 2-6 pm Monday through Friday (check monthly calendar for any changes). All Youth members must be picked up by time of closing (unless they walk home). Pick up is outside of the building on 24 Pearl St. There may be additional permission forms to participate, due to some programs being held off site (Transportation is not provided). The game room, gymnasium and lounge, will be opened daily. For registration form, click here.