Milford Youth Center

A Program of the Town of Milford and the United Way of Tri-County

Monthly Updates

April showers are almost over; May flowers are already in bloom, and so are our programs at the MYC. As a reminder, all participants must be a Milford resident and/or attend Milford Schools, to fill out a registration form to be a member (8-18 yr olds) and participate in programming.

The first floor gym, game room and lounge are open for the kids to use freely every day and we have at least three structured programs daily for May, except for Fridays, where kids are given a more free flowing atmosphere, and open gym dominates the day. We will continue to run homework room, nutrition, career and college advising (where we offer extended guidance counseling for teens who want help with their FAFSA, college application, resumes, and job applications), crafts, JAG (the Juvenile Advocacy Group), Sewing, CrossFit, Trek Adventure, Bucket Drumming, Taste Exploration, and Pokémon club. New programming this month will include: woodworking, guided computer lab, and yoga. We are also still looking for models for our fashion show. Girls and boys alike are encouraged to join us. If you would like to participate and are 18 or under (we even have some two year old’s), please contact us. We are always open to new ideas and search for volunteers who would like to run a program or help monitor. Contact Christine Daddario,, 508-473-1756 if you would like to volunteer.

May 2017 jpegAs a reminder, all participants must be a Milford resident and/or attend Milford Schools, to fill out a registration form to become a member. Once this form is returned to the Center, the member will be provided with a key tag and ID number. This will be how the Youth Center staff will track attendance. Therefore, all members are required to bring in their key tag in order to enter the facility. If key tag is lost, the Center will charge $1.00 for replacement. You can find out all up-to-date info at our website.

Thank you, Stacy Middle School, Woodland Elementary, and Memorial Elementary for allowing us to come in to do outreach and recruit for our fashion show this month!