Milford Youth Center

A Program of the Town of Milford and the United Way of Tri-County

Monthly Updates

Here we are in November. We aren’t ready for the cold, but we certainly are ready for all the fun events that the holidays bring! We had a lot of fun in October with all of our new programming and we have some new programs for November as well. Here are some updates on our new programs as well as our regular scheduled programming.
Our regular scheduled programs are:
  • Open Gym- Open gym is a non-structured program where youth are allowed free play and choice of activities in the gym as well as the rest of the youth center (lounge and game room).
  • Homework Help- Homework help is now at 3:00. We also have tutoring available for free. If you would like to take advantage of this service please email us to set up an appointment.
  • Sewing- Sewing is going strong and we are having so much fun. Led by the very knowledgeable Lisa White with helpers Christine Daddario, and Darlene Dulude. We have already used sewing machines and made a ton of cool projects.
  • Career and College Advising- This class is led by our Program Coordinator, Christine Daddario. For youth ages 14 and up who would like to start working or need help applying to colleges. The majority of work focuses on resume building, job searching, college applications and how to fill out a FAFSA.
  • Crafts- Crafts is also led by Christine Daddario, with help from volunteer Darlene Dulude. The class is all about fun and creativity, and a lot of experimenting from Pinterest. We use a lot of up-cycled materials so youth learn about re-using and the benefits is has on the environment. For the month of November we are focusing on Thanksgiving related crafts.
  • MYC Youth Council- The MYC Youth council is blowing u this year and we keep acquiring new members. The group recently nominated a first time leadership panel as follows: President-Kaitlyn , Vice President- Taylor Smith, Treasurer-Evy Lima, and Social Media Coordinator- Alejandro Rodriguez. The council will also be walking in the Veterans Day parade as well as the Welcome Santa parade. There is still room to join the council if you are interested!
  • Nutrition- Led by Christine Daddario, who has a BS in Nutrition, with help from volunteer Darlene Dulude. The class will focus on making easy and fun recipes as well as tasting new foods. Youth will also be shown the importance of healthy eating through modeling and will be encouraged to make behavior changes through discussion and staff guidance.

Science Club- Led by Victoria Williams, the science club will be a place where youth can go to learn, talk, and experiment with all things science. From discussions to watching experiments, as well as making their own, the science club is a fun and exciting spot for any youth interested in science.

  • CrossFit- We want to thank Marc Pitts from CrossFit Never Doubt as we finish off this class on the 13th of this month. The kids had so much fun and did not expect that they would like this class so much. This class will cycle again in a few months so if you want to try it you will have another chance.
Our new programs for the month of November are:
  • Performing arts-This group will be led my Barbara Brashier who taught performing arts before retiring. Victoria Williams will assist her. This group will focus on acting and rapping where kids get to perform and write monologues as well as learn how to rap.
  • Yoga-Yoga is new this month and will be taught by Cindi Scrimgeour. For Cindi, yoga and mindfulness provide a source of strength and calm in her daily life. Cindi is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and teaches yoga for wellbeing.  Cindi feels so sure about the benefits of yoga (both on and off the mat), that she became a RYT200 yoga instructor to share the benefits with others.  Mindfulness & curiosity help to keep her and those she teaches, grounded in the present moment.
  • Indoor “Blue Fish” Fishing- This fun one time workshop will train kids how to make the perfect cast and help them be ready for our regular fishing class to start up again when it is warm. Thank you so much to Bob Gilmore who has helped us out with fishing in October. The kids learned so much from him and are eager to learn more.

Nail salon- The nail salon will be Thanksgiving themed this month. Stop by to get your nails done by our talented Assistant Director, Katie Covell!

  • We will hold a Thanksgiving dinner for our after-school member on the 21st from 3-5pm. We are always looking for volunteers to help out or donate an item. We will be closed the 22 through the 24th  for the Thanksgiving holiday
  • We will have limited programming during the week of the 27th as we are preparing for the Welcome Santa Parade!

The Milford Youth Center’s after school program is open for youth ages 8-18, free of charge for Milford residents and students, from 2-6 pm Monday through Friday (check monthly calendar for any changes). All Youth members must be picked up by time of closing (unless they walk home). Pick up is outside of the building on 24 Pearl St. There may be additional permission forms to participate, due to some programs being held off site (Transportation is not provided). The game room, gymnasium and lounge, will be opened daily. For registration form, click here.