Milford Youth Center

A Program of the Town of Milford and the United Way of Tri-County

MYC Thanks Community for Donations- November 2017

The Youth Center would like to extend a very appreciative thank you to the following people who donated items and/or their time this month to the Center:
Pat Dillon for helping hang our Halloween sign from the roof;
*Mary Owanesian for decorating our front windows for Halloween;
John & Darlene Dulude for taking all of our Halloween costumes and masks home over the weekend and washed and cleaned them out for us to use in our Halloween event;
*Beverly Hart for once again donating craft materials and music equipment to the Youth Center! We would also like to thank her for her generous $200 donation to go towards our future music room;
Kelly’s Farm for donating pumpkins to the Center for our Halloween Party;
Lisa Legere, an After School members mother, for making us dinner tonight as we finished last minute touches to our Haunted Maze and Halloween event;
Milford Clerical Employees Union for their generous $200 donation to help with Holiday gifts this season;
*Milford Football team for their generous $100 donation towards our Halloween event
The Youth Center relies on donations to hep sustain our programs! Please contact the Center if you would like to donate!
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