Milford Youth Center

A Program of the Town of Milford and the United Way of Tri-County

Text to Donate NOW!

The Milford Youth Center is reaching out to YOU to help raise funds to build a music and multimedia music room! For this reason, we are requesting for your support to help the Center with our Telethon TODAY, August 19, 2017 from 4-10 PM. In an effort to help the Center, after State funding was cut, Milford TV offered to join forces and put on a telethon to draw attention to the Youth Center’s endeavors to finish our multimedia and music rooms, areas that were not a part of the scope of the recent renovation.

There are many ways to donate and we would like to thank those who already have! Any donation is appreciated and would go a long way to help this room come to fruition!
How to donate:
  1. TEXT TO DONATE NOW: Click here for instructions!
  3. CALL: You can call in from 4-10 PM to make a pledge! Our Board members and staff will be answering the phones (508-473-1756).
  4. COME TO THE TELETHON: Come down to the Milford TV Studio, located at 138 South Main St. to make a LIVE donation between 4-10 PM!
  5. E-MAIL: We understand that it is the summer and people are busy! If you are unable to make a donation now, email us here and we will connect with you when there is a more convenient time!
All donations will show up today on the live Telethon!
You can Tune in also TODAY from, 4pm-10pm on Milford TV:
Click here for video for more information on the event and clips and interviews of Youth Center campers after special visit from Wally from the Red Sox!
To view live thermometer of donations, click here!
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