Milford Youth Center

A Program of the Town of Milford and the United Way of Tri-County

Benefit Dinner for Jake Gallerani on Saturday, October 19th

Join us on Saturday, October 19th at the Milford Youth Center, for a benefit dinner for Jake Gallerani, a young boy from Uxbridge. During the past six months Jake has had 3 surgeries to remove tumors from his head.  Jake has a very rare case of Sarcoma which is aggressive and difficult to combat.  He has responded very well to his surgeries, but it is apparent that there is a need to find a treatment to his specific case.  Experimental testing being conducted at Children’s Hospital in an attempt to figure out a way to make Jake healthy again is not covered by insurance and will exceed $25,000.

This year was not anything like what most kids experience for Jake and his family: he did not vacation, have sleepovers (other than the hospital) and barely participated in any of the sports he loves. School was very spotty as he needed to avoid any and all outside illnesses.  As we are all getting ready for school to begin for our kids, his parents are getting prepared for another long run of chemo and treatments. I am sure none of us can even imagine.

We hope you can participate and enjoy an evening in which we can have some fun and help a family in need of something good to happen.

There will be a DJ, dancing, auction items. Oliva’s is providing food for the event and there will be a cash beer and wine bar. Tickets are being sold now so please see the event flyer for details.

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